Library Design and Synthesis
The Library Design and Synthesis service is dedicated to the design, synthesis, and analysis of a wide range of small organic molecule libraries for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The library can be designed based on customers’ own ideas or our knowledge, and/or experiences, and/or molecular modeling. All the library compounds will be in milligram (mg) quantity with purity greater than 80% (by LC/MS) or higher as required. All the compounds can be purified according to customer’s requirements. We can selectively or randomly synthesize part of a library as well. It will greatly reduce overall cost while maintain same dimension of the library. This proven technique has been demonstrated to be very efficient and effective. We also work with computational chemists to provide focused libraries for specific target groups.The focused libraries can be specifically designed based on customers' data and requirement.
Building Block Design and Synthesis
Building blocks designed on basis of the certainty on research trend of new medicines, the advanced design concept of new medicines and computational chemistry, have attracted various large pharmaceutical companies worldwide in the new drug discovery process, especially in lead generation and optimization stages. We endeavor to gradually build up our product catalogue of novel building blocks, new reagents and intermediates, which would have been customized by the customers.
Medicinal chemistry
Medicinal chemistry focuses on chemical modifications of leads generated from abstraction of natural compounds, high-throughput screening, knowledge and fast follow-on compounds against validated therapeutic targets. Modern synthetic organic chemistry, including advanced purification and spectroscopic technology, is applied to efficiently carry out structure-activity relationship studies. Our goal is to provide our clients state-of-the-art medicinal chemistry expertise to assist them in exploring the most promising molecules and to facilitate lead development and lead optimization.
Process Research and Development
As a chemistry service focused company, we have all the necessary resources to conduct process R&D. Our process chemists work in well-equipped laboratories to conduct rapid process research and development including synthetic router evaluation, reaction condition optimization, and scale-up production. Our kilo lab can prepare compounds in the scale of kilograms and up. Here is what we can do:
Known route evaluation and development of new synthetic routes for target molecules;
With our Atlas Automated Synthesis System we can conveniently optimize reaction conditions to reduce cost and maximize throughput;
Develop reliable methods for in-process testing and analysis of intermediates and API’s;
Perform reactions under cryogenic conditions (as low as -78 °C);
Assessment of critical process parameter;
Development of reliable analytical methods.
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