Amadis Chemical offers its research facilities for the development of new products, particularly in the areas of focused combinatorial chemistry libraries, heterocycles ,other organic intermediates and biochemicals. Furthermore, our knowledge and interpretation of SAR data, together with in-house synthetic experience, allow us quickly and cost effectively select, optimized and progress leads to the next stage of development.
Amadis Chemical provides a one-stop, continuous range of problem-solving expertise in chemical synthesis, supported by world-class analytical services. The result is quick, safe and efficient scale-up. Whether it's developing a new process or improving an existing synthetic route, Amadis Chemical can make an impact in the following areas:
Reducing the number of synthetic steps and costs;
Increasing process efficiency, yield and throughput;
Replacing dangerous or environmentally unsuitable chemistries;
Working with complex molecules and multi-step syntheses;
Developing and optimizing existing processes to produce syntheses amenable to commercial manufacturing.
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