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  • Catalog NO.:A851108
  • CAS No. : 64183-27-3
  • Molecular Formula:C10H12FN5O3
  • Molecular Weight: 269.23
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Product Details

CAS Number 64183-27-3 Appearance
Catalog Number A851108 MDL Number MFCD09750859
Molecular Formula C10H12FN5O3 Molecular Weight 269.23
Boiling Point Melting Point
Flash Point Density
Synonyms (2R,3R,4R,5R)-5-(6-Aminopurin-9-yl)-4-fluoro-2-(hydroxymethyl)oxolan-3-ol
Storage Condition Store in a tightly closed container,in a cool and dry place


GHS Pictogram
Signal Word Warning UN Number
Hazard Statements H302 Class
Precautionary Statements P280;P305+P351+P338 Packing Group


Erlotinib is an epidermal growth factor receptor inhibitor (EGFR inhibitor). Erlotinib HCl was approved. Erlotinib binds in a reversible fashion to the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) binding site of the receptor. For the signal to be transmitted, two EGFR molecules need to come together to form a homodimer. These then use the molecule of ATP to trans-phosphorylate each other on tyrosine residues, which generates phosphotyrosine residues, recruiting the phosphotyrosine-binding proteins to EGFR to assemble protein complexes that transduce signal cascades to the nucleus or activate other cellular biochemical processes. When erlotinib binds to EGFR, formation of phosphotyrosine residues in EGFR is not possible and the signal cascades are not initiated.

183319-69-9 (HCl)

183321-74-6 (free base)

248594-19-6 (mesylaye)

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